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weighted demo doll


Our weighted demonstration dolls are hand made to order in Germany by Renate at Renate's Puppenstube. These can be custom ordered at any time, please have a browse of the listings to get some idea of what you need then email Beth via the Contact Us page

Quick info points:

Dolls are availabe in a 2.2kg (newborn/premmie)    3.3kg (3-4 month old) or   4.5kg (12 month+) size

Most people choose the 3.3kg doll, this is suitable for general babywearing demonstrations in a group or individual setting

If you work with expectant parents or newborns frequently, the 2.2kg doll is the perfect aid

For photographry purposes most will choose the 3.3kg doll

Jointed or Non Jointed?

Generally, a  non-jointed bodied doll is more durable for situations where multiple inexperienced handlers are using the doll (eg sling meets), while a jointed bodied doll is more flexible and posable for photos and advanced demos (eg one on one consultations)



The demo dolls are excluded from all free post offers and flat rate postage of $15 applies for each doll

The dolls are posted in rigid boxes for protection with tracking and insurance supplied

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