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Maya Wrap Maya Tie (discontinued)

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The Maya Tie is based on the Asian style Mei Tai baby carrier.

I fell in love with this carrier - and that's saying something as I normally am not a fan of Mei Tais.

I love it because it has excellent weight distribution, and the broad straps make this an amazingly comfortable baby carrier.
The straps make it more like wearing a wrap, except with a defined carrier body for babe to sit in.

  • Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable cotton - the same divine fabrics as the ever popular Maya Wrap Ring Sling
  • Distributes weight evenly across both shoulder and around your waist.
  • Wear babies from newborn in front and older children on your back
  • Easily adjustable
  • Fits easily into a large nappy bag or backpack. Comes with a built in pocket for keys, a nappy and wipe or mobile phone etc.
  • Machine wash, line dry
  • Recommended for children up to 40 pounds (18 kilos)

The sizing of the Maya Tie is:

Medium for wearers with waists up to 32 inch (about 82 cm or a women's size 12-14). This size is suited to the average wearer who likes to tie the Maya Tie on the opposite side of their body to the baby.
Large for wearers with waists more than 32 inch. I am a size 12 and like to wear the large, as I prefer to wrap the waist band around my body twice and tie under the baby's bottom.

The Maya Tie has now been discontinued, as such I can no longer order these fabulous carriers in :(  This listing is here for historical value only, and to help people who find Maya Ties on the second hand market with sizing information :)

# 57 Black # 12 Twilight Blue  




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